That’s a question I posed on LinkedIn recently. While the results can’t be extrapolated to represent all internet users, I found the answers to be quite revealing. Alexa, according to its website – “… is a useful resource for people to discover information about websites. You can use Alexa to learn how popular a site is, to find new sites, to learn who owns a site, and a lot more.”

Many marketers rely on a website’s Alexa rankings to evaluate the company behind it. In order to be ranked you must install the Alexa toolbar, so in effect it becomes a self-selected universe.

Here are the answers I received


– Alexa rankings are somewhat accurate and offer limited value, yet theyre something you should keep your eye on. Due to such, install the toolbar! When potential clients contact our company and I initially review their website, one of the first things I look at is the Alexa ranking. Checking the ranking and getting a rough idea of website traffic takes no more than 3 seconds, so why not take a peek? One thing to note is Alexa rankings have hardly any (if any) influence on search engine rankings. They simply provide a rough estimate of traffic derived from SEO, PPC, social media, etc.

– The value in Alexa lies with in how it reveals your presence within that specific realm. If youre a coder or web developer, than a good Alexa ranks tells you some valuable insights. If youre a marketer or blogger, then not so much. As with any niche, you want to have a strong presence within a certain group your niche is targeting. Alexa is NOT a tool for determining search engine ranking or true site popularity. Alexa is valuable for instance, because it can tell potential investors or customers if your domain and site is getting good exposure among their desired audience. When trying to flip sites, sell web real estate, or just convince potential customers that you have a hold of the right audience for their needs, it can be very valuable indeed.


– Not accurate, not influential

– I did and deleted it a few weeks later as a waste of time and effort

– Not accurate at all and not influential at all, as my post below will tell you. (Jeannette: I recommend you read this very detailed evaluation at

– I wouldnt worry about it Jeannette. The only ones who seem to take note of it are the ones that need to show traffic to attract advertising, etc., for their site. You can see how inaccurate it is by just comparing the information to Google Analytics.

– Alexa is absolutely worthless unless youre trying to flip a site, selling it to someone who believes Alexa counts for something. The system can be gamed so easily, it definitely should be relegated to the garbage bin. If you want an easy assessment tool, Website grader, as suggested previously is one route. So is using Compete, or my preferred tool, the SEOMoz authority measurement tools for domain and page.

Are Alexa Rankings Influential and Accurate
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