Search Engine Optimisation or SEO has become the buzzword in this age of technological advancement. SEO is spoken in reference to how popular and useful the website which you have created, has been. A website with quality content and creative design increases visitors to the site and thereby improves SEO to a great extent.

While there are a few things to keep in mind to increase visibility to your website, there are also a few tips to avoid SEO mistakes. Here is a little guide to put you on the right track in your journey to hiring an SEO agency.

  1. Using Wrong Keywords: If you want your website to be eye worthy and catchy, make use of the right keywords. This makes it simple for the user, and the desired content pops up if the keywords used are right and appropriate.
  2. Not Making User Experience a priority: Visitors expect a fast loading website with quick results. The least you can do is keep a watch on the website when visitors use, so you can anticipate and tackle problems head on. Easy navigation and minimum scrolling are an added advantage to the site.
  3. Ignoring Mobile Application: Businesses will thrive if you also make an effort to set up mobile applications. Users need information on the go and they cannot always rely on their desktops to visit your site.
  4. Missing out the Title Tag: Leaving out the title tag is a very common mistake. A title tag is crucial which determines the theme or the topic you have made available on the site. The title tag needs to be accurate and to the point since it appears at the top of the web browser while viewing a web page.
  5. Not Paying Attention to HTML Versions: HTML is the crux and core of any web page. The importance of HTML cannot be undermined. Flash websites are used to incorporate animation and interactive content. Thus they have to depend on HTML, to better the viewing experience and appear pleasant and presentable.
  6. Incorporating Links Which are no Longer Usable: Hyperlinks are important in a website, but if it doesn’t lead the user anywhere, the purpose is defeated. Fix the broken link so the user is not negatively affected.
  7. Use of Only Images for Headings: Do not overdo headings. They are important to attract visitors but make sure not to make the webpage too flashy. Be subtle in your choice of images and style them to make it look important and that’s all that matters. Check out
  8. Duplicate Content: Copying content is illegal and an offence in addition to demeaning the reputation of your website. Unique content is the hallmark of any good website which, without a doubt, improves ranking and popularity.

Keep these useful tips in mind to help you stay at the top in the ever increasing competition of internet marketers. Concentrate on SEO and this will lead to increase in web traffic and ultimately the profits of the business.

SEO Mistakes to Avoid